Intelligent Personnel Sterilize Passageways

Applicable to Airports, Stations, Schools, Hospitals, Shopping malls, Hotels, Restaurants, Banks, Government Agencies, Enterprises and Institutions and other places with dense personnel and large mobility agencies, enterprises and institutions and other places with dense personnel and large mobility. 







Technical Characteristics 

  • 8s rapid completion of temperature detection, body disinfection – Eliminate hidden dangers 

  • The whole stainless steel Seiko manufacturing, high-end atmosphere - Convenient mobile

  • Infrared induction remote detection - intelligent control

  • Intelligent face recognition dynamic temperature measurement - Fast accurate

  • Ultrasonic atomization, immersive 360 degree body disinfection - Safe and reliable

  • The use of high quality disinfectant for infants and adults, the effective elimination of bacteria and viruses such as oral cavity, respiratory tract, surface - Health protection

  • Intelligent over-temperature alarm, no mask prompt, blacklist dangerous person setting, real-time data record statistical report generation - Precise control and prevention

Product Introduction

The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, high technology and
excellent appearance, and easy to be moved. The whole machine integrates advanced infrared
detection and induction control technology, face recognition infrared dynamic temperature
measurement, ultrasonic atomization, no dead angle disinfection, data recording, and statistical
report generation. And other intelligent technologies in one. It has the functions of personnel identification, temperature status, no mask, intelligent voice prompt alarm for abnormal body temperature, etc. It can quickly screen fever groups, isolate virus infection and aerosol
transmission, and use human hypochlorous acid disinfectant to kill viruses in the oral cavity,
respiratory tract, and skin surface of infants and adults. It is non-toxic, harmless, safe and

Main technical parameters


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